Cheddar Caves

Cheddar Caves
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Where is Jacobs ladder? Jacobs ladder is located in the heart of the cheddar Gorge.

MMilton’s Country Lodge is located 15-20 minutes from the incredible Cheddar Caves and Gorge. Explore the spectacular splendour of Britain’s most breathtaking stalactite cavern where Cheddar Man, Britain’s oldest skeleton, was found. Audio guides bring the cave to life for kids and adults, telling the fascinating story of its Ice Age creation, Stone Age occupation and Victorian exploration.

In Gough’s Cave a shimmering brilliantly coloured underground sanctuary with fantastic calcite sculptures, dancing fountains, mirror pools and music evocative of a more spiritual world. A striking contrast to Gough’s Cave. Kids love to follow the Crystal Quest and meet the Lord of Darkness and his evil dragon.


Hotels In Cheddar

Hotels In Cheddar

This is your chance to see the caves from a completely different perspective whilst lowering yourself down through the famous ‘Black Cat Chamber’.

Take a trip up to the top of the chamber and see if you can spot the black cat and then have a go at our ‘one of a kind’ abseil at the same time!

Rock Climbing

Take it to the edge! Start with an easy climb and see how quickly you progress on our 50ft cliff face in this world-class centre for climbers. Suitable for beginners. Daily – April to September (unless it’s raining).

Adventure Caving

It’s hard! It’s dirty! It’s fun! A real caving expedition deep inside the Mendip Hills, with climbs, crawls and squeezes – you’ll go from zero to hero. Suitable for beginners. Daily – all year round. Click here for more information.

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